Weekend Getaways From Shimoga

Shimoga is a small city that is situated in the state of Karnataka and it has many interesting tourist places in and around it.

Here are some of the getaways you can enjoy from Shimoga

Jog Falls

The Jog falls is at a distance of about 100 kilometers away from Shimoga and it is the most famous weekend getaway destination from Shimoga, which is full of tourists throughout the year. The best part is that it flows out of a perennial river and maintaining a superb atmosphere for fun all year round.

jog falls in Shimoga
Jog Falls in Shimoga is located at about 100 kms away from the city


Hampi is located at a distance of about 185 kilometers from Shimoga city and it can be reached in 6-7 hours of travel time. The roads between Shimoga and Hampi are well connected which makes the tourists to easily travel without any barriers on the road. Hampi has many places that one can explore during their weekend getaways. Know more about Hampi

The museums in Hampi showcases the royal remains that portray the ancient culture of Hampi. Matanga hill and the Queen's bath are another most visited tourist destinations to enjoy, full of trekking tracks to explore the area.

Matanga Hill in Hampi
Matanga Hill located at Hampi is a delight for every photographer as its rocks with a red hue captivates their attention


Srirangapatna is located at a distance of about 214 kilometers away from Shimoga and was once the capital to the throne of Tipu Sultan. It takes around 10 hours to reach this place and there are several monuments, temples and other things to enjoy. Do not miss the Srirangapatna Fort, which keeps stories of generations inside it. From the feud between the Sultans and the Deccan Kings to the attacks by the British.

The Ranganathaswamy temple is another major attraction in Srirangapatna and was built by the Ganga ruler named Tirumalaiya during the 9th century. The temple is situated on the banks of Cauvery river and holds the statue of Lord Ranganatha (an avatar of Lord Vishnu) and many people from all around India visit the temple to get the blessings from Lord Ranganatha.

Ranganathaswamy Temple in Srirangapatna
Ranganathaswamy temple has its main deity, Lord Vishnu in sleeping position which is a unique one

Nandi Hills

Nandi hills is located at a distance of about 238 kilometers away from Shimoga city and at a height of about 4851 feet above the sea level; it takes about 2:30 hours to reach there. Transportation is easy and feasible and summers are the best time to visit the hills. the climate remains pleasant throughout the year, and there are good affordable accommodation options nearby to stay overnight. No wonder, it is called the hill of happiness. Know more about Nandi Hills here

Nandi Hills in Shimoga
the picturesque look of Nandi Hills never fails to mesmerize its visitors each time they visit it

BR Hills

The BR Hills is located at a distance of about 274 kilometers and 2 and 1/2 hours away from Shimoga city. BR Hills is hugely known for its wildlife sanctuaries and the raw nature that surrounds the area in the form of dense forests.

The BR Hill Sanctuary is exactly located at the Chamrajanagar district in the state of Karnataka. This sanctuary was created during the year 1974 with an area of about 322 square kilometers, later on it was extended to an area of about 534 square kilometers. The whole sanctuary is at the influence of the famous Eastern Ghats and the Western Ghats. One can find many rare species of animals living all around the sanctuary. The trip inside the forest is an exciting and an adventurous one. There are many places to stay near the sanctuaries and one can witness many birds migrating during the summer season.

Bandipur National Park

Bandipur National Park is located at a distance of about 275 kilometers from Shimoga and it takes nearly two and a half hour to reach the place. Bandipur National park was once a tiger reserve in the year 1974, which was later turned into a national park. This park is situated in Mysore and is one of the most beautiful and a well-managed national park in India. The Bandipur Park is surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes that cover the Western Ghat Mountains and stretches at an area that covers 875 square kilometers.

Deers at Bandipur National Park
Chital deers grazing happily in their natural habitat at the Bandipur National Park

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