Emergency Services in Shimoga

Emergencies tend to occur at anytime of the day. Whether you are residing in a remote location or a posh locality, immediate action through emergency services is essential to stay out of dangerous situation, which can sometimes be fatal. Shimoga is one such city that offers efficient emergency services which makes it the best among the rest in Karnataka.

Emergency services in Shimoga are taken care of by the administrative body of the city and by the Government of Karnataka. All important measures have been taken in order to create beneficial emergency services for the people of Shimoga. Emergency services in Shimoga are found doing a good job in standardizing the way of living of the people of Shimoga and at the same time they also do a commendable job in safeguarding the lives of the people of Shimoga.

Fire service in Shimoga
The firefighters of Shimoga are given intense training sessions to make them more efficient

Police in Shimoga

Police emergency phone number - 08182270100 to seek police assistance immediately. The contact details of some important officials of Shimoga Police have been provided below:

Superintendent of Police

Address: NH-206, Sagar Road, BH Road, Shimoga
Landmark:  Near Mc Gann Hospital
Phone: (08182) 261400

Police Control Room

Address: SP Office Building, Sagar Road, Shimoga
Landmark:  Near Mc Gann Hospital
Phone: (08182) 261413

Fire Emergency Services in Shimoga

Fire emergency service - (08182) 222888.
The main fire station of the district of Shimoga is the Karnataka Government Fire Station and its contact detail has been provided below:

Karnataka Government Fire Station

Address: NH-206, Sagar Road, Shimoga, Karnataka
Landmark:  Opposite Megan Hospital
Phone: (08182) 222888, (08182) 227328
Mobile: 9448233955

Blood Banks in Shimoga

Blood bank emergency number -1910

Eye-banks in Shimoga

Call 1919 to seek the help of eye donations or to register your names for making eye donations in future.

Ambulance Services in Shimoga

One can contact (08182) 222404,221003, 222967 for ambulance service during emergency situations.
Ambulance services in Shimoga
New fleet of ambulances on their way to serve the Shimogan public

Chemists in Shimoga

Shimoga consists of some of the most advanced and expert chemists in Karnataka and it can be said that the health and medical care facilities for the people are quite up to the mark because of the availability of good and quality chemists in the district. Some well-known chemists found available in Shimoga have been in the city for a long time.

Disaster Management in Shimoga

Shimoga is a district that consists of twenty-five percent plains and forest land. Heavy rainfall is also recorded in different regions of the district and mainly in the Hosanagar and the Thirthahalli taluks. Shimoga also consists of some important industries and therefore there are possibilities of various kinds of disasters happening in the district.

It is only because of this reason that proper disaster management measures have been taken up by the responsible authorities of the district and even the state, so that any unforeseen disaster can be easily managed in Shimoga. The disaster management wing that has been set up in Shimoga does the work of devising the preventive measures that should be taken to avoid and manage disasters. The most treacherous forms of natural disasters that Shimoga has seen are drought and floods due to its possession of dry and wet lands.

Animal Care in Shimoga

Shimoga possesses a well-built and well-maintained animal husbandry service that plays a very important role in the lives of the farmers living in the rural regions of Shimoga. The animal husbandry service that is found in Shimoga provides some basic services like animal care and breeding good animals through artificial incementation.

The entire district of Shimoga consists of 159 veterinary service centers for procuring medical services to animals found in Shimoga. The animal husbandry that supports the rural farmers in Shimoga is located at B.H.Road, Shimoga. Animal care services in Shimoga are good and they do a commendable job in caring about the health related and the medicine related needs of the animals in Shimoga. You can call Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or SPCA at 2351-1329 if you spot any animals or birds treated badly or if they need medical assistance immediately.
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