Business and Economy in Shimoga

Shimoga, the popular tourist destination of Karnataka is rich with different businesses activities that are based on its natural resources which in turn complements greatly to its economy. According to a report on 31st March 2000, the entire district of Shimoga consists of 9779 industrial units with the total investment of Rs.11715.90 lakhs and these units employ around 41000 people in Shimoga. The most prominent industries in Shimoga are agro based industries, engineering based industries and automobile based industries.

Till date the maximum investment made in Shimoga in the sector of food and beverage and next comes the sector of mechanical products and general engineering. Therefore, maximum numbers of people in Shimoga are found to be employed in the sector of food and beverage which is again followed by the sector of mechanical products and general engineering. There are foundry units located in Shimoga that have been very successful in manufacturing products in the automobile sector and electric motors. There is another category of industry in Shimoga and this category is of the rural artisans that work in units such as traditional carpentry, leather crafts, blacksmiths, beekeeping, pottery, handlooms, stone cutting, sandal carving and agarabathi carving.

About Economy of shimoga

The economy of Shimoga greatly relies on Agriculture and animal husbandry to contribute to its income. The Sahayadri range of the Western Ghats offers enough water throughout the year to Shimoga that well explains its fertility of alluvial soil. This has earned this tourist city its name, "the bread basket of Karnataka". This is popularly called as the rice bowl of Karnataka as it is rich in paddy fields. Of the total area of Shimoga, about 214.23 is filled with crops of different variants. Most of the crops that are grown here are paddy, coconut, ragi, pepper, areca, oil seeds, cashews,sugarcane, fruits, maize, chillies, ginger and chillies.
Agriculture in Shimoga
Agriculture in Shimoga contributes greatly to its economy as most of the industry depends on it

Industries in Shimoga

There are four major industrial areas in Shimoga and six industrial estates. The city contributes a total of INR 7,680 crore to the economy of Karnataka. The major food crops of the city of Shimoga are ragi, paddy, maize, jowar, tur, sugarcane, chillies, pepper, ginger, coconut, vanilla, mango, banana and arecanut. The major industrial sectors of Shimoga are as follows:
  • Food and Beverage: The leading industrial sector in Shimoga both in terms on the generation of income and investments made.
  • Power: It is also an important industrial sector in Shimoga.
  • Foundry: This is one among the flourishing industry of the city. This industry deals with manufacturing of components for electric motor and automobiles.
  • Artisans: There are a total of 13,126 artisans in Shimoga that are self-employed and these artisans are found to be involved mainly in wood carving, laquerware and wood turning, bamboo and cane carving and making fancy items and shopping bags. Chittara art made with rice paste on bamboos, paper and clay pots are sold by many artisans which also contributes in a handsome way to the economy.

Chittara art of Shimoga
Intricately designed Chittara art using a paste of rice flour made on earthenware in Shimoga

Major Companies in Shimoga

Shimoga is a developing city and there are a large number of industries located in this city. Some of the most important and large scale industries of Shimoga have been listed below:
  • Mysore Paper Mills Ltd. Bhadravathi
  • Visvesvaraya Iron & Steel Ltd
  • Pearlite Liners (P) Ltd., Shimoga
  • Asiatic Industrial Gases Ltd.
  • Karnataka Soaps & Detergent Ltd.
  • Government Milk Diary
  • Paper Packaging Ltd., Shimoga
  • Visvesvaraya Iron & Steel Ltd.
  • The Southern Gas Ltd., Bhadravathi
  • Mysore Paper Mills Ltd.
  • Oswal Palm Oil Industries (P) Ltd.
  • Bhadra Packedes (P) Ltd., Bhadravathi

Important Consultancies in Shimoga

Shimoga is a city that not only speaks of its possession of large scale industries and major companies but at the same time there are also some very important consultancies in Shimoga that have an important role to play in the economic profile of the entire district. Some of the important consultancies of Shimoga have been detailed below:

Vibhuv IT Solutions
Address: 1st Parallel Road,
Landmark:  Beside Pranama Diabetic Care
Phone:  (08182) 404669, Mobile:  9343338666, 9900696666

Ability Point Placement Consultancy
Address: 98, Kuvempu Road,
Landmark:  Near Nanjappa Hospital
Phone: 9900914512

BPO companies in Shimoga

BPOs have not yet developed in Shimoga but with the information technology development that has taken place in Bangalore and the entire Karnataka; there are chances that Shimoga would soon possess some of the most popular BPO companies in the world. BPO is one sector in Shimoga that is yet to develop but the main thing about the BPO sector in Shimoga is that a lot of efforts are being made by the Government of Karnataka to set up a good BPO hub in the city. There are a large number of people also moving to Shimoga in search of some source of income in some of the newly set up BPOs in Shimoga. However, there are some BPOs that have already sprung up in Shimoga and they have been listed below:

Serco BPO
Address: Habibulla Top Towers,
Near Usha Nursing Home,
Savalanga Road,

Xchanging Technology Services India Pvt Ltd
Address: Commercial Building,
Behind City Club,
K T Shamaiah Road,
Shimoga Ho,

I M S Infotech
Address: 3rd Cross Tank Mohalla,
Shimoga Ho,

Infrastructure Companies in Shimoga

The industrial scenario of Shimoga is found to be well-developed because of the fact that the support infrastructure of Shimoga is very good. The city is very well connected by road, rail, air and port. Railway route length of about 130.88 kilometers is found to pass through this city and the nearest port to this city is the Mangalore port that lies at a distance of 200 kilometers from Shimoga. National Highway 13 and national Highway 206 connect the district with the other important cities and 980 kilometers of State Highways and 221 kilometers of national Highway pass through Shimoga. Mangalore airport is the closest airport to Shimoga that lies at a distance of 200 kilometers from Shimoga. The upcoming Greenfield Airport in the city is also considered to play an important role in the industrial development of Shimoga. Some of the well-known infrastructure companies in Shimoga have been listed below:  

Address: 1st Floor, Bhandigadi Shopping Complex,
Nehru Road,

Krid LTD.
Address: Lbs Colony, Ashok Nagar
Shimoga Ho

Indo German
Address: Shimoga, Karnataka
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