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Natural Resources in Shimoga

Shimoga is one of those cities in Karnataka which shows a great biodiversity and is a spot for various natural deposits. There are many natural resources that can be found in the geographical area. Know more about them here;

Flora and Fauna in Shimoga

Fauna and Flora in Shimoga are well evident through the wildlife sanctuaries that one can find around the city limits of Shimoga. Tyarekoppa Lion Safari, Sakrebayalu Elephant Camp, Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary, Guduvi Bird Sanctuary are the sanctuaries that possess immense variants of flora and fauna in them.

Tyarekoppa Lion Safari: The Tyarekoppa Lion Safari is situated at a distance of about 10 kilometers from Shimoga. The safari started in 1988 with the motive of offering a great picnic spot for locals and tourists. The safari is widely spread around 200 hectares in the dense forest. Apart from the animals living here, one can also find many migratory birds flocking to the place. The forest department organizes regular recreation facilities and many outings for the visitors.

Sakrebayalu Elephant Camp:
This camp is known for its elephants, which are trained by the professionals. The elephants live in the forest and play in the rivers running through the camp. Tourists can enjoy taking pictures of the massive animals taking baths and playing around.

Sakrebayalu Elephant Camp
Sakrebayalu Elephant Camp is a refreshing place for those who are tired of the regular tourist spots

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary:
This wildlife sanctuary was established in 1951 in an area of 252 sq kms. and was known by the name, Jagara Valley Game Sanctuary. Later in 1972, it was known by the name Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary with an improved area of 492 sq kms. You can find many wild animals like the Malabar giant squirrel, tiger, wild dog, loris, macaque, elephant, langur, bear, leopard, barking deer, gaur, spotted deer, lizard and sambar deer.

Shettihallu Wildlife Sanctuary: Shettihalli was announced as a wildlife sanctuary in the year 1974 and possesses two types of forests; the semi ever green and dry deciduous. Some of the mammals that you can spot here are the mongoose, striped mongoose, flying squirrel, tiger, jaguar, wild dog, sambar deer, spotted deer, langur, pangolin, Malabar giant squirrel, elephant, sloth bear, wild deer, porcupine, jackal, wild pig and gaur. The reptiles that are found here are king cobra, crocodile, python, rat snake and cobra. You can also spot many birds such as partridges, horn bills, bulbuls, jungle fowl, king fisher, pigeons, pea fowl, wood peckers, swallow, mynahs, parakeets, fly catchers, horn bills etc.

Sharavathi Wildlife Sanctuary: This wildlife sanctuary is located at Sagar near Shimoga. This sanctuary is situated close to Jog Falls and hence it receives many tourists who are on a vacation. This sanctuary houses many birds, reptiles and mammals. The endangered species of monkey known as lion tailed macaque is found in huge numbers here. You can spot some rare avian varieties such as blue throated barbet, Indian lories, paradise flycatchers, hornbill, racket tailed drongos, lorikeets, minivets, herons and wood peckers. You can also spot colorful butterflies like tree nymph, dark blue tiger, danaids, common crow and glassy tiger.

Butterflies at Sharavathi Wildlife Sanctuary
Spectacular picture of danaid butterfly and common crow butterflies at Sharavathi Wildlife Sanctuary

Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary: This bird sanctuary is surrounded by dense lush green forest and the Tunga River that runs through the sanctuary makes it look like an island that adds up to the beauty of this place. The dense trees are the shelter place for many birds that migrates to the sanctuary every year. The boat rides in the bird sanctuary is the best way to witness the birds at a closer distance.

Guduvi Bird Sanctuary: This is another bird sanctuary in Shimoga which is surrounded by a dense forest. The whole bird sanctuary is spread over 74 hectares and one can find more than 200 varieties of birds here. The trees and the lakes in the sanctuary are great nesting grounds for different species of birds.

Minerals Deposits in Shimoga

The major minerals that can be found in Shimoga city are white quartz, limestone, manganese and kyanite. Shimoga city has a less number of fossil fuels, oil mines and gas stations.

Dams in Shimoga

Shimoga, being a city rich with mountains, waterfalls and rivers, has many dams that are constructed in order to store the water that is said to be collected from the mountains and from the rivers that flow in and around Shimoga. The State Government of Karnataka is constructing new dams around Shimoga for the various perennial rivers flowing around. The city corporation also takes care that these dams are well maintained to make sure that it is strong with high levels of capacity to hold maximum amount of water during a heavy rainfall. The following are some of the dams in Shimoga city that has been providing water that is used for many purposes by the local people and tourists in Shimoga.

Gajanur Dam: This small dam is situated near the Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary. The backwater that runs from the dam is the best picnic spot in Shimoga.

Bhadra Dam: The water flowing from river Bhadra gets stored in this dam. The height of this dam has been measured at 194 feet high and it has an aqua farm near the dam. The water which is stored in the dam is used for generating electricity in and around Shimoga and is also used for drinking purposes.

Bhadra Dam in Shimoga
The alluring beauty of this water reservoir makes it a favorite tourist spot

Linganmakki Dam: This dam is yet another famous picnic spot in Shimoga city and it is located at an altitude of about 554 meter. The water that flows from the river Sharavathi is stored in this dam and it helps in fulfilling various purposes of its people.

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